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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Inventory Pets
Release Notes 1.5 (for 1.7.10, 1.10.x, 1.12.x)

“Final Clean Up Before 2.0 (hopefully)”

New Features:

  • Patreon Rewards finally added: Purplicious Cow Head Armor and Cool Inventory Pets T-Shirt. All players can create, but only Patreons can wear. No special abilities.
  • Living Anvil and Living Bed Pets can now be dismissed via Right Click. Only one Living Pet per Pet Item will be allowed (credit: nathanjfealko)
  • Cloud Pet’s Thunder sound can now be turned off via config (credit: KelleyEngineering)
  • Players can now jump on and sink into Lava when using the Magma Pet (credit: Frieckest)
  • Players can now jump on and sink into Water when using the Sponge Pet 

Bug Fixes:

  • Players will no longer receive fall damage after using the Magma Pet or Sponge Pet (credit: Frieckest)
  • Cloud Pet no longer irrecoverably falls from the sky when Sneaking (credit: JamesSkullBlood, mihartsy)
  • Illuminati Cooldown now reflects proper cooldown time (credit: SpeedySpy52)
  • Anvil Pet no longer ‘occoasionally’ rolls back auto-repairs made (credit: sahilewaya)
  • Banana Pet no longer eats food when “PetsMustEat” is set to false in the config (credit: mxnmnm)
  • [1.10, 1.12] Wither Pet tooltip now shows correct pet category “Mob” (credit: DoesntCare)
  • [1.12] Apple Pet no longer his player first when thrown (credit: mxnmnm)
  • [1.7.10] Removed console spam caused by Mickerson (credit: LemADEC)
  • [1.12] Fixed crash caused when checking for Inventory Pets update
  • [1.7.10] Spider Pet no longer crashes server when using the Hang on Wall feature (credit: LemADEC)
  • [1.10] Fixed config file not saving in-game


  • Mooshroom Pet no longer disappears when using Bonemeal effect and Pam’s HarvestCraft (credit: mxnmnm)
  • Fixed crash caused when using Drone from Pneumaticraft (credit: nickick7x3)
  • [1.12] New config option to DisableRightClickMachines, which will prevent abuse from autonomous activator from COFH and others. Default is false.
  • Pingot Pet now uses new methods to find modded ores, including mods that use metadata blocks, e.g., IC2, GregTech (credit: tyler489)


  • Due to low downloads, we will not be updating 1.11.2 version