iYAMATO's Mob Mod

Add  mobs and weapons.
Each has its own characteristics.
There are also mobs inspired.
Your journey will be more exciting.


I pray for good fight.




This mod also contains elements of DeadSpace.

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, Force Gun, Flame Thrower, Seeker Rifle, Plasma Saw.

and NecroMorphs.


Shoot while sneaking, the secondary will activate.


  • Pulse rifle: omnidirectional random shooting
  • Force gun: energy bullet shot
  • Line gun: timing plasma bomb discharge
  • Flame thrower: Firing a fuel can, exploding on time or hit
  • Seeker rifle: looking through the scope, recoil, shake will be reduced.
  • Contact Beam: Omnidirectional range attack. Stasis effect is added in Lv 4
  • Ripper: Shoot a saw.


Please look at the wiki for recipes.


More information on this blog.



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