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Hi! Do you think it is annoying to find items in JEI that are not used in any recipes? I created this small plugin for JEI that hides those items, JohnC94 gave me the idea. Without those items JEI will be a lot cleaner because you will only find items used in recipes. Yes, you could manually hide all these items in JEI, but this plugins makes it so you don't have to do that.


This plugin hides every item it finds that is not used in anyway, in crafting or any other mechanic like enchanting or machine processing. For example, the item TEST is not used in any recipes, there is no recipe to craft it, it cannot be enchanted or processed in any machine so, JEIH will hide TEST in JEI. The item will not be removed from the game, it simply will not show up in JEI if you search for it. If an item is used in ANY process or is the result of any process such as; crafting, pulverizing, smelting, enchanting, it will not be hidden in JEI.


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