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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2



New Features

  • Support for Applied Energistics, IC2 and Mekanism recipes
  • Support for container items and recipes requiring tools
  • Support for multiple recipes
  • Ability to uncraft Fireworks and Tipped Arrows
  • Utilisation of nuggets and leather strips as partial returns on leather, ingots and gems from damaged items
  • Utilisation of Rabbit Hide for partial returns on leather items


  • Uncrafting now only finalised when result is removed from the table
  • GUI upgraded with better feedback and recipe previews
  • Removing Enchantments now costs XP
  • Config options for managing partial returns and item registration
  • Server config now takes precedence over client config if the two are different
  • Config GUI can now be accessed in-game as well as from the main menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game crash when encountering empty Ore Dictionary registrations
  • Fixed player receiving free enchanted books when uncrafting an enchanted book
  • Fixed incorrect multiplication of XP cost
  • Fixed shaped crafting recipes losing their shape
  • Fixed items being lost when performing multiple operations without clearing the output grid