Inspired from Pfaeff's original JumpPad mod, JumpPad++ is a fun and entertaining mod meant to be just that; fun and entertaining!


I want to just go ahead and say that the release of this mod is meant to in no way intellectually infringe upon Pfaeff's mod, and hereby want to establish two precepts before continuing an in-depth look on all of the added features:

  • FULL credit goes to Pfaeff for his original idea.
  • FULL credit goes to myself for any other custom content.

Any modpackers have my permission to include this!


(all content is as of the latest release, except for archived spotlights)

Post errors in the issues section or use OpenEye to help spread insecticide!


Featured Spotlights


(none as of the latest release)


Here's a great video by TeamTwiistz! His FOV is a bit pulled back so some of the information on the jump height for some of the pads is wrong, but overall it's very good! Also, be sure to read the description below for the Booster Pad on its other abilities.

A review by PopularMMOs! Nicely done too! The "bug" w/ the Regeneration Pad is actually not even a bug at all; it was just Minecraft's default regeneration taking effect!

Un projecteur français!

A en español!


Recipes and general information


Jump Pad - This is the upgraded version of Pfaeff's jump pad. It launches any entity 5 blocks into the air.


(Everything from here on out is all custom!)


Jump Pad+ - An advanced version of the jump pad that can launch any entity 10 blocks into the air.



Jump Pad++ - An advanced version of the jump pad+ that can launch any entity 15 blocks into the air.



Portal Pad - Behaves like a miniature Nether portal!



Incineration Pad - Incinerates any entity that touches its top!

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Speed Pad - Has a surface of minimal friction that propels any entities quickly on its surface!



Slow Pad - Reduces the speed of any entity!



Acceleration Pad - Sets a player to a sprint when walked upon!



End Pad - Teleports a player to the End dimension!



Annihilation Pad - Deals direct damage to any living entity that crosses its surface (a better alternative to the Incineration Pad, if you wish to keep your drops!).



Impact Landing Pad - Absorbs any entity's fall, preventing any fall damage (inspired by Cheezy WEAPON's recommendation). It does have its limits though, so be careful!



Ballistic Pad - Explodes whenever any entity touches its surface (what's a great mod w/out explosives?)!



Regeneration Pad - Regenerates 1/2 of a player's health and hunger when collided w/!



Booster Pad - Behaves like the Jump Pad, but allows a player to pass through the bottom of it (inspired by Cheezy WEAPON's recommendation), and adds a block of extra jump height! Sneaking will allow a player to pass through it w/out being launched!



Aqua Pad - An all-purpose infinite water source! It performs all of the functions of the cauldron, with the added benefit of being compatible with any modded fluid container. It can also extinguish you when on fire, and is a great asset when exploring the Nether.



This mod requires MinecraftForge as a prerequisite installation. It can be downloaded from here.

After that's set, just plop your downloaded copy of JumpPad++ into your "mods" folder for either a client or server and you're ready to play!


Have ideas on how to make this mod better?

Leave a post on CurseForge, Curse, MinecraftForums, or send me a PM! Any input is appreciated.


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