Just Enough Buttons

Just Enough Buttons

Small client-side mod with no dependencies (JEI is recommended), which adds some utility buttons to the inventory screen.

Just Enough Buttons!

These buttons are more or less just shortcuts to the commands, e.g. clicking on kill all entities will simply execute "/kill @e[type=!Player]". So if the player is not allowed to execute the command, which the button is representing, the player will be notifed. The buttons can all be individually hidden in the config gui.

Current buttons:

  • Switch gamemodes (Adventure and Spectatormode can be disabled)
  • Switch to rainy/sunny weather
  • Delete Items
  • Set time to night/day
  • Remove all entities
  • Enable/Disable Daylightcycle
  • Magnet Items
  • Four custom command buttons to execute given commands (Set in the config gui under Mod Options)
  • Four Save buttons to save a snapshot of your inventory
  • A "Mod" button showing a list of all mods, that add items. Clicking on a mod will set the JEI searchbar to only show the items of the selected mod. (JEI is obviously required for this button to work)

Utility Keybinds:

F7 for a light overlay to show you where mobs can spawn

F4 to see chunk borders (Equivalent of pressing F3 + G)

Note that these will not be registered if More Overlays is installed.

How to use the save buttons

First left click "save" on any of the four buttons to save your current inventory.

When you now click on the button with an item you can give it an icon.

Clicking on that button will now give you back your old inventory. (But it'll delete your current inventory!)

Right clicking on the button will clear the save again. Saves are stored per user and shared across maps and servers.


When playing on a server which does not have Just Enough Buttons installed, giving yourself an inventory snapshot will not work if the items have too much NBT. For that to work install this mod on the server.

How to use the command buttons:

Command buttons

A note about the trash button:

When in survival mode just grab a stack and click on the button to delete all items of that type. Hold shift if you want all items, including sub items, to be deleted (e.g. All types of wool or colored glass).

When In creative it won't delete the item you're currently dragging around, so you'll want to hover over the item you want to delete, press C (Can be changed) and then click on the delete button.

Like this:

The Mod button

This button requires JEI


That's it, source code is available on Github!



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