Just Enough Calculation

What it does

It is a simple calculator to help you calculate how many of resources you need to gather for certain items. You can manage tons of crafting procedures with the help of it. Actually it is designed for some mega packs to help you manage the crafting things manually without drove mad by the crazy steps. You must have JEI installed for it to work.

How to use

The mod adds an item called Crafting Calculator, right click with it in hand to open the GUI. The main interaction in this mod is click the slot to activate it and then click to pick items in the JEI item list. For version later than 2.5.0, you can directly left/right click items in JEI item list to pick them (use JEI's key shortcut to show the recipe instead). One thing to notice: You need to input the recipes needed for it to work since there might be many recipes for one item, automatically loading the recipe may lead to a mess. Find a video introduction at section of your version.


  • JEI "+"-click supported
  • Percentage supported
  • Liquid supported (since 1.9)
  • Check Player's inventory for missing ingredients (can be disabled in config)
  • Recursive computation, it will find if the gradients can be crafted in other recipes.
  • Input recipes will store in the world's user file. You don't need to input again once recorded.
  • Dynamically support different recipe category (will work the second time minecraft runs with the mod installed and can be blacklisted in config)

Planed features

  • Make it client side
  • Better font render
  • Auto recipe searching option


Since curse is sometimes buggy with comment, so I would reply here. Definitely you can use it in your modpack and distribute. That's my pleasure. I would highly suggest you to include the mod openeye in your pack, since this mod can help every mod author to track crashes easily.

Suggestions wanted!

I'm preparing to implement automatic recipe detect but there are some decisions to be made. If you have any idea, it's welcomed to leave something at the link below:



1.12.X Version

I will be back!

Not out yet. It's a entirely rewrite, possibly with some features you are always yelling at me like oreDict, record export/import and client onlyswitch, in addition to much more powerful interfaces. If things turns out as expected, it should be the 3rd major version.

Here you can know the current progress:

Y - OreDict record

Y - Fluid record

N - Multi-match / fuzzy match record

N - Percentage record

Y - GUI framework and most of the GUIs

N - Data storage

N - Calculating core

General progress: 65%


1.9.4 & 1.10.2 Version

This version is a totally rewrite of the old work, adding many exciting features. Actually I have to say it might be kind of confusing the first time you use it, but it will become easy when you get to know it. You can refer to the video introduction if you need help.

What's new

  • A new math calculator! Convert to math calculator using shift-right click.
  • Easy calculation for items as a group. Try use the "Label" item in your recipes!
  • Recipes can be sorted into groups.
  • A strengthened search tool to help you manage records better.
  • Fully fluid support
  • Configurable oreDict entry
  • Better inventory scanning
  • Tons of optimization

Video introduction

Spotlight by whizzball1 (youtube: minecraftinchocolate) :


Introduction from myself:




1.8.9 Version

This is the first version I start to work on. It doesn't have new features and will not be updated.

Honestly speaking, it is not very convenient to use, but it's stable and the result is reliable as in every version.

Video introduction


1.7.10 Version

  • Need NEI installed to work!
  • Use NEI's drag and drop interaction to choose items.
  • NEI's "?"-click is also supported. Use shift-click-"?" in recipe GUI for auto complete.
  • Works not perfect in cheat mode since NEI often want to insert items to the GUI.
  • The key "R" to show recipe doesn't work in the Calculator GUI, use left click instead.
  • All the recipe type will be loaded once you open the Calculator GUI.
  • Other things just work similarly as in 1.8.9 version.

What's new

  • Calculation is done automatically, no need to hit the calculate button
  • It now records the 6 latest calculated item. Click the item in the recent list will put it to the top slot.
  • Click the items in the result slot will show the recipes for it, the same as given by NEI.
  • It provides the procedure to get the item crafted




I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive my awkward English.

Have fun!


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