Kaishi's Weapon Pack


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BaseMetals support was added in v1.0!

85 new weapons (17 metals * 5 weapons)

New weapons are avaliable even without Base Metals mod via creative, but Base Metals is required to craft them in survival.




Kaishi's Weapon Pack is a mod which adds new types of weaponry in Minecraft. It's mostly focused on medieval weapons, but I will also add some types of primitive firearms... later.


You should also try my Resource Pack which makes vanilla swords and axes look in the same style as this mod's weapons!

Melee Weapons:

Dragonslayer (Berserk's Sword):

-Extreme attack damage;

-Very slow attack speed;

-Extreme range of attack (+2 blocks);


-3 stages of upgrades;

-Strictly two-handed! Doesn't deal any damage when your offhand isn't empty.

Washing Pole (Dark Souls II/III):

-Higher attack damage;

-Slower attack speed;

-Long range of attack (+1.5 blocks);

-Fragile (131 uses, like stone tools);

Cactus Sword:

-Wooden Sword's durability;

-Iron sword's damage;


-High attack damage;

-Slow attack speed;

-Longer range of attack (+0.5 blocks);

-Universal weapon! Attacks 20% slower when offhand isn't empty, so it's still usable with shield.

Black Greatsword (Guts' Golden Age sword):

-Stronger than iron greatsword, but weaker than diamond one;

-As durable as the Diamond Greatsword;

-Universal weapon! Attacks 20% slower when offhand isn't empty, so it's still usable with shield.


-Stronger than greatswords;

-Slower than greatswords;

-Longer range of attack (+1.0 blocks);

-Two-handed weapon! Attacks 60% slower when offhand isn't empty.


-Low damage;

-High attack speed;


-Very low damage;

-Very high attack speed;

-Zombie Hand - variation of Iron Claws (Terraria, yay!);

Battle Axes:

-Very high attack damage (higher, than axes');

-Very low attack speed (slower than axes);

-Can chop trees, etc.;


-Lower attack damage (a bit lower, than swords');

-Higher attack speed (faster, than swords);

-Works in the same way as swords (the same enchantments, sweep attacks);


-Lower attack damage;

-Sword's attack speed;

-Longer range of attack (+1.5 blocks);

Lances:     -IN PROGRESS

-High attack damage;

-Low attack speed;

-Longer range of attack (+2.0 blocks);

-Perfect for cavalry;



Onion Set (Catarina Armor):

-Almost as durable as diamond set;

-Protects much better than iron armor, but still weaker than diamond armor;

-Be careful when standing near wells - someone can try to steal your armor!



Vanilla materials: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond

BaseMetals materials (OreDictionary): Copper, Silver, Tin, Lead, Nicklel, Bronze, Brass, Steel, Invar, Electrum, Coldiron, Mithril, Adamantine, Starsteel, Aquarium, Cupronickel, Platinum


You can replace diamonds with any other vanilla or BaseMetals materials;


First of all, you need to craft Black Ultra Greatsword (36 iron ingots, 2 obsidian blocks, 1 stick):


Then, if you want to claim it as Dragonslayer, you need to reinforce it with dragon's breath:


Finally, you can awake the Dragonslayer with the Nether Star making it even stronger:


Washing Pole:

Only iron one avaliable because it's Dark Souls II/III reference


Cactus Sword:


Zombie Hand:

Black Greatsword:


Onion Set:






















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