Kingdom Keys Re:Coded

Kingdom Keys Re:Coded is a completely rewritten version of Kingdom Keys.
This mod adds many things from the Kingdom Hearts games.

More details on the website for the mod here

Features include:

  • 120 total Keyblades from KH 1, KH 2, KH BBS, KH Re:Coded, KH 358/2 Days, KH DDD and KH Chi, with over 100 3D models
  • 200+ Organization XIII weapons
  • A leveling system with increasing maximum hp, strength, defense and magic
  • A synthesis system for crafting the keyblades
  • Bug blox from KH Re:Coded
  • Magic!
  • Drive forms
  • Now working again in 1.0.0, Custom main menu music and battle music (Requires resourcepack due to large download size)
  • A moogle for buying, selling and synthesising items.
  • And more!

See the full changelog here


Get the resource pack for the music and for low resolution mode textures here.


Known incompatibilities

Special thanks to
  • Abelatox, the other developer of Kingdom Keys, for lots of help with the development of the mod(Lots of code saving a ton of time)I don't have to do it), ideas and motivation to get the update out :) and the spanish translations and for the HD resource pack
  • Wynd, a new addition to our development team who is the creator of the heartless.
  • Hartsa for the HD resource pack
  • EnderFurry for some better textures
  • Remorse Code for pledging $20 on Patreon <3
  • Collecter for pledging $1 on Patreon <3
  • Sr.Gato for pledging $1 on Patreon <3.
  • Fuhreous for pledging $2 on Patreon <3.
  • Kingdom Crafter for making the KH3 Minecraft edition mod pack, making the banner for the mod and coming up with a bunch of the synthesis recipes.
  • xlash for some of the synthesis recipes
  • Electric-Star for plenty of amazing ideas.
  • stel312 and Pokemew12 for the Chakram and Scythe 3D models
  • The Minecraft Forge team for Minecraft Forge
  • Square Enix and Disney for Kingdom Hearts and all it's designs
  • Everyone who's given me ideas
  • Everyone who's downloaded and played this mod


Here's a bit of an outdated video, a new one will be coming soon.


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