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    May 25, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


  1. Add missing init setup calls for LCBlock, issue #441. (commit: dfd445b) (details)
  2. Handle no such network player (weird conditions), issue #442. (commit: e363a4f) (details)
  3. Change mechanics on doors, issue #437. (commit: fd8fa4f) (details)
  4. Fix Galacticraft compat, issue #435. (commit: 6b2d9e5) (details)
  5. Start fixing doors more (commit: 50cceda) (details)
  6. Merge stargate & database things (commit: 6f33d64) (details)
  7. make glasses 10% cooler (commit: 401fa30) (details)
  8. trace all the things (commit: bad94cf) (details)
  9. Add toString, because they're nice (commit: 24a0bf3) (details)
  10. Make network handling more robust: add explicit drop exception (commit: e50981e) (details)
  11. Improve tracer: fix exception calls not unwinding the stack (commit: 24e35a6) (details)
  12. Change visibility of rotation map (commit: 3988a7b) (details)
  13. Add debug renderer: (commit: 60d5436) (details)
  14. Configuration I: death by model objects (commit: f95016c) (details)
  15. Configuration II: model-based configuration input/output (commit: 3383cc9) (details)
  16. Configuration III: the supertype model (commit: cf8e60e) (details)
  17. Fix computer type casting, issue #449. (commit: dfad15f) (details)
  18. Configuration IV: LanteaCraft config.xml definition (commit: 755b5c6) (details)