LB Photo Realism Reload!

LBPR for 1.13 is WIP! You can download beta versions right now!

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"LB Photo Realism Reload!" is a photo realistic resourcepack based on work of Scuttles (LB Photo Realism). "Reloaded" version is very different from the original, because it uses very old textures of LBPR. The main purpose of this resourcepack is to make minecraft look not only as realistic as possible, but also to make it look beautiful and attractive to new players. LBPR Reload is pretty close to default Minecraft textures, so it won't be a big issue to start playing with it. The pack includes many 3D-models, animations and random textures.



Imgur Gallery


See this?


Switch your graphics to Fancy

Or if you use Optifine, go to Video Settings > Details and set Trees to Smart



  • ​Scuttles' LB PhotoRealism: Thread
  • GKrond's version of LBPR: Website
  • Misa's Realistic pack: Thread


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