Level Hearts

The best alternative to More Health Enchanted. 


Heart Levels is a complete overhaul of the health system. Based off of the original mod "More Health Enchanted", you can gain more health with heart containers, crafted from 4 heart pieces found is most chests and dropped by bosses, and/or gain health through levels (EXP). You can completely customize your starting hearts and max hearts. In addition, you can customize the level ramp, which included the levels you earn hearts at. Finally, you can choose to turn the heart items mode and RPG mode on or off. Also, you can  enable a mode called Hardcore Mode, which will reset all of your hearts when you die and reset to starting health.



Go ahead! Credit is preferable, but it's not a requirement.


Can I repost this to other websites?

Preferably not without asking us first. Comment with the link to the website, and we'll respond with our conditions for that website. If you repost without asking us, we will try and get it taken down.


Credits to NoHero for making the original mod!

Click here for the original mod and < 1.8.9 downloads!


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