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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8


2.5.7 patch notes
-Affectionally called the RTFPN version
-Added version control and checking to lootbags_BagConfig.cfg. The config must now contain a $CONFIGVERSION:<version> line or a message will show when players log in. To get rid of it, use the correct config version id. People don't read patch notes and I'm tired of getting endless 'bug' reports about default config changes. This doesn't change anything that the mod can do, you can still do whatever with the bag config, this is just to inform you that the default config has changed.
-Added commenting capability to lootbags_BagConfig.cfg parsing. This uses the standard // and /* */ comment structure. It can handle comment lines (// at the start of the line), comment blocks (/* at the start of a line and */ at the start of a later line), and single line comments at the end of a functional line (// in a line will end the functional point of the line at that point and comment everything else). It cannot handle block sub-sections (/* */ in the same line) or those symbol combinations appearing anywhere other than already stated.
-Added NBT support for Loot Recycler and a tooltip explaining what it does.
-Tweaked some numeric displays to handle large numbers cleaner with scienc!(tific notation)
-Fixed sneak-clicking into inventories.
-Fixed IndexOutOfBound exceptions from changing the bag storage bag list in existing worlds.
-Added pool roll adjustment scaling to general loot table items - should provide better distribution between item value.
-Fixed build.gradle file to not include extra files.
-Fixed air blocks showing up in the dumpinventory readout
-Rearranged the default bag config so the ids are in numerical order instead of non-secret/secret bag order.