Lots of Things


Version 1.3.7


Welcome to the Lots of Things (L.O.T.) Mod. This mod adds a whole new array of Items into Minecraft! Featuring Guns n' Ammo, New Weapons, Resources, Medical Items, Explosives, and Much Much More! Now with Rainbow Boxes. Can You Collect it all?


Note: This is the official home for Lots of Things, any other sites containing this mod could contain viruses, or miss leading information. I am not liable for damage caused from other sites. any sites that claim credit for this mod will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. By downloading you are agreeing to our Terms of use.

Mod Showcases

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Picture Introduction

Lots of Things adds 100+ Unique Items into Minecraft.



 Lots of Things adds 5 New Armor Sets and 4 New Tool Sets.


Lots of Things releases the full Power of the.. Rainbow Into Minecraft! Rainbow Flowers and Boxes will Generate in the Overworld and Nether.


Installation and Troubleshooting

Make sure you have Forge Mod Loader and Think Big Core installed, then put Lots of Things into the mods folder inside of .minecraft or your server's mods folder. Provided you are using Lots of Things on the appropriate Version of Minecraft, and have no conflicting mods you will be good to go!


Permission 📜

Please Reference our Permission list here.


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