Lucky Block Pink 5.0

 Version 5.3



The Massive Update Now Available. 




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 Welcome to Lucky Block Pink 5.3 for Minecraft 1.12(.2)! This Lucky Block add-on adds over 600 NEW DROPS! This Lucky Block add-on is pink, which happens to be the best colour ;).


This is an add-on to the Lucky Block mod by PlayerInDistress. You can download the Lucky Block mod at


How to install:

1. Download the Lucky Block Mod
2. Launch Minecraft with it (AT LEAST ONCE)
3. Go to the .minecraft folder
4. Go to addons/lucky_block
5. Drag folder/zip in.


Video about Lucky Block Pink 5.3 by The Minecraft Pro

*One note is, I'm actually a she >_<


Known Bugs:

Bob's Mom is not at 0 luck.

Lucky Villagers don't hand out splash potions of the Unlucky Potion.


New Version 5.3: Adds 100 new drops, new structures, and pink lucky sword, bow, and potion.

New Version 5.2: Adds 30+ new drops, language support, also updated to 1.12(.1).

New Version 5.1: Adds 20+ new drops and fixes some bugs.

New Version 5.0: Adds 25+ new drops and updated to 1.11(.2)

New Version 4.1: Fixes a few bugs and adds 45+ New Drops.

New Version 4.0: Updated to 1.10 and adds 50+ New Drops.

New Version 3.1: Adds a few small drops and made the mod finally drag and drop :D!

New Version 3.0: adds about 35 new drops and fixes a lot of problems!

New Version 2.7: adds about 11 new drops and adds a new texture!

New Version 2.6: adds 40+ new drops and adds Lucky Block Pink armour.

New Version 2.5.1: adds 2 new drops and cleaned up folder a lot.

New Version 2.5: adds 45+ new drops and 1 structure also cleaned up folder.

New Version 2.4: adds 20+ new drops and 2 structures.

New Version 2.3: adds 40+ new drops and a new secret drop. 

New Version 2.2.1: adds 1 drop AND FIXED A MAJOR BUG!

New Version 2.2: adds about 18  new drops and TONS of bug fixes.

New Version 2.0: adds about 50 new drops and updated to 1.8, also new crafting recipe 8 pink dye and 1 lucky block.

New Version V7: adds about 21 new drops and a structure.

New Version V6: includes all of the other downloads 


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