Lucky Block Pink 5.0

 Version 5.3.1



5.3.1 [The Massive Update Pt. 2] and NEO Lucky Block Pink [1.7.10] out now!


Wish you could have a Pink Pixelmon Lucky Block? Well now you can with, my brand new Lucky Block mod, Pink Pixelmon Lucky Block! Download here:


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 Welcome to Lucky Block Pink 5.3.1 for Minecraft 1.12(.2)! This Lucky Block add-on adds over 600 NEW DROPS! This Lucky Block add-on is pink, which happens to be the best colour ;).


This is an add-on to the Lucky Block mod by PlayerInDistress. You can download the Lucky Block mod at


How to install (1.8-Current):

1. Download the Lucky Block Mod

2. Go to your .minecraft folder and put the Lucky Block Mod that you just downloaded in there.
2. Launch Minecraft with the Lucky Block Mod (Skip steps 2 and 3 if you have an addons folder already)
3. Go to the .minecraft folder
4. Go to addons/lucky_block

5. Download Lucky Block Pink! (That isn't 1.7.10)
6. Drag Lucky Block Pink folder or .zip into your addons folder! And you're done.



Video about Lucky Block Pink 5.3.1 by MushroomManToad featuring Me!


Video about Lucky Block Pink 5.3 by The Minecraft Pro

*One note is, I'm actually a she >_<


Known Bugs:

Gold Horse Armour drop doesn't work.

Cooked Fish "Seems Fishy" doesn't work.

Normal Lucky Block + Redstone pole has a pink lucky block on top.

Normal Lucky Block Pole, loses a block.

Stray Wish summons husks instead of strays.

Iron Ore chickens don't work properly.

Fortune Tools spawn nearly broken.


New Version 5.3.1: Adds 30 new drops, and a bunch of technical changes.

New Version 5.3: Adds 100 new drops, new structures, and pink lucky sword, bow, and potion.

New Version 5.2: Adds 30+ new drops, language support, also updated to 1.12(.1).

New Version 5.1: Adds 20+ new drops and fixes some bugs.

New Version 5.0: Adds 25+ new drops and updated to 1.11(.2)

New Version 4.1: Fixes a few bugs and adds 45+ New Drops.

New Version 4.0: Updated to 1.10 and adds 50+ New Drops.

New Version 3.1: Adds a few small drops and made the mod finally drag and drop :D!

New Version 3.0: adds about 35 new drops and fixes a lot of problems!

New Version 2.7: adds about 11 new drops and adds a new texture!

New Version 2.6: adds 40+ new drops and adds Lucky Block Pink armour.

New Version 2.5.1: adds 2 new drops and cleaned up folder a lot.

New Version 2.5: adds 45+ new drops and 1 structure also cleaned up folder.

New Version 2.4: adds 20+ new drops and 2 structures.

New Version 2.3: adds 40+ new drops and a new secret drop. 

New Version 2.2.1: adds 1 drop AND FIXED A MAJOR BUG!

New Version 2.2: adds about 18  new drops and TONS of bug fixes.

New Version 2.0: adds about 50 new drops and updated to 1.8, also new crafting recipe 8 pink dye and 1 lucky block.

New Version V7: adds about 21 new drops and a structure.

New Version V6: includes all of the other downloads 


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