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(This is your official warning! A lot of 1.8.9 mods are very new and therefore very unstable! By playing this pack you accept that there may be bugs with them, any bugs can be reported to in the Issue Tracker hosted through Curse, linked below! If they are relevant to the modpack I will fix it, if they are specific to a mod, I will pass the report on to ensure Authors aren't getting the same issue spammed at them over and over!)


The first in a trilogy of packs being released for 1.8.9, Magic expansion is a modpack centered based around magic mods, and having them all in one place for you to enjoy! There is a chance for any magic mod to be included! Not just the popular ones! As more mods are released and updated they will be added alongside the current modlist. Some of the mods may experience updates during the pack's development that drastically changes some features! So you should be wary with backing up your worlds!


Delve into the mystical world of Thaumaturge with Thaumcraft 5! Dig deep into the darkness of the human soul in Blood Magic! Explore the world and loot dungeons with Rogue Dungeons and Talismans! Become a druid and experience how it feels to live at one with nature through the mystical ways of Totemic! Or become a werewolf through Howling Moon! When you're dealing with magic, anything is possible! Not to mention the extra mods to help you keep your base looking fancy!


The other two packs in the series will be released as enough mods are updated to form a basic modlist! These will be Tech Expansion and Absolute Expansion! I think the names speak for themselves so more on those when they are actually released! For now dive into 1.8.9 and enjoy yourselves! This modpack is fairly light and should run for most people!



Issue Tracker

Server Download


FTB Forum Thread


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