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    Apr 10, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

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  • Java 7


Change log:
- Change: Lots of texture changes, thank you to the painterly team for this!
- Added: Ability to craft enahantment books (Configurable ON/OFF)
- Added: When using Zivicio Pickaxe or Zivicio Hoe, you can get extra drops from Minicio ore and Minicio crops (Configurable ON/OFF)

- Dust, Weak, Regular, Strong & Extreme essence now have different look and name:
Essence dust = Minicio Essence (Green)
Weak Essence = Accio Essence (Orange)
Regular Essence = Crucio Essence (Yellow)
Strong Essence = Imperio Essence (Blue)
Extreme Essence = Zivicio Essence (Purple)

- Infusion stone changes:
Change: Configurable durability for each stone (master infusion stone has unlimited durability)
Change: Weak Infusion stone can be crafted with diamond, emerald or gold block
Change: Infusion stones can now be upgraded with mod compatible essence
Change: You can now use 8 of any specific tier of essence to upgrade stones

- Crop changes:
Change: Nature essence no longer drops rarely from crops
Removed: Magma Crop
Added: Nature Crop
Change: When crops growing if walked over they will cause 0.5 damage, when crops fully grown cause 1 hearts damage (configurable ON/OFF)
Added: Configurable option to disable crops
Removed: Standard crops (Will be added back at a later point)
Added: When breaking a crop, the crop will automatically replant itself (Configurable ON/OFF)

- Potions:
All aspects of potions have been removed, potions, crops and petals. (Will be added back at a later point)

- Blocks:
Added: Growth Pulser block, when below a crop boosts it's growth rate (Uncraftable)
Added: Nether Minicio/Essence ore, generates in nether, drops more minicio essence
Removed: All decoration blocks and blast/light blocks (Will be added back)
Added: Furnaces:
Accio Furnace - 2x faster than standard furnace
Crucio Furnace - 2x faster than accio furnace
Imperio Furnace - 2x faster than crucio furnace
Zivicio Furnace - 2x faster than Imperio furnace
Ultimate Furnace - Smelts 1 item per tick

- Items:
Removed: Charms
Removed: Essence Infused Armour, changed to:
Added: Accio Armour & Weapons
Added: Crucio Armour & Weapons
Added: Imperio Armour & Weapons
Added: Zivicio Armour & Weapons
Removed: Food and juice (Will be added back)
Added: Accio, Crucio, Imperio & Zivicio seed bags, plants 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 (Uncraftable)

This mod has gone through a big change, many things will be different, and may not all be noted above, Sorry.