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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

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  • Java 7


WARNING: When updating to BETA 3 all vanilla crops and seeds already in a world will be deleted, sorry for the inconvenience.

- Added: Nature essence when right clicked on dirt turns it into grass
- Change: Dye essence is now called Technicolor essence
- Fix: Some incorrect essence names changed and fixed
- Added: Wither and Ender dragons drop zivicio essence when killed (this is configurable on/off and how much essence is dropped)
- Added: Passive & Hotile mobs drop minicio essence when killed (this is configurable on/off and the % chance of getting the drop)
- Fix: Zivicio flight should be more stable now
- Added: Ability to disable Zivicio armour flight in configs
- Changed: Some file names for crops/Seeds, mainly all vanilla crops/seeds will disappear if updating from BETA 2 or an older version of Magical Crops (Sorry but codes much clearner now)
- Added: Ultimate Diamond, Emerald, Ultimate Emerald apples (these can be disabled in configs)