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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2




IMPORTANT! Leather Works was removed (it will likely be re-added in the future when it is more stable). If you had a backpack from this mod, remove your items before updating!


IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:
- Familiar Fauna, Attained Drops 2, Capsule, Bookshelf, Industrial Foregoing, Reliquary, Rustic, Veining, XP from Harvest, p455w0rd's Lib, TOP Addons, Fast Workbench

- Progressive Bosses


- Leather Works, AppleCore, Hunger in Peace (for the time being, all of these will hopefully be re-added once their issues are fixed)



- The Wither and Ender Dragon fights will become harder the more times you fight them. The Wither will also now spawn skeletons after a certain amount of time.


- Quests "Passive Hunter" and "Passive Gatherer" are no longer shown until unlocked
- "Wealth from Below" and "Uncommon Ores" now require 10 of each ore
- "Fermenting" now requires you to make ale wort


- Pam's Water filter given skillable lock
- Spawn Eggs are no longer obtainable from Pam's market block. You can instead buy them from villages, or at a higher price from the market stall block.
- Recipes added for Tomato, Chili Pepper seeds from Rustic (output crops will still oredict convert into Pam's versions)
- Rustic seeds renamed to "Fancy" seeds
- Harvestcraft Iron Brew item fills thirst
- LeatherWorks removed temporarially due to server crashes and incompatibility with some animania animals (pigs)
- Hunger in Peace removed temporarially due to AppleCore (required library) causing crashes when drinking Milk Bottles


- Increased coal rarity slightly
- Decreased fortune effect on all ores (40% chance of 2x ores with fortune 0, chance increases with fortune level. At fortune 2 or higher, chance of 3x ores.)


- Added a recipe to dump out a dirty water bottle
- Treasure capsules are able to be found in chests once again
- Disabled spectrite mod update checker
- Auroras no longer render with shaders, will look slightly worse but should have much less performance impact


Bug Fixes:
- Butterfly overpopulation should no longer occur
- Backtracked JEI version to latest standard release
- Fix milk drinking hard crashing game


Known Issues:
- Custom villager types have wrong job titles (ex: Necromancer & Occultist both say "Brewer")
- Rainbow Oak leaves will need to be pruned by hand in order to yield dyes (sorry, limitation of the new drops tweaker mod - testing potential workarounds)
- Underground lakes spawn in weird places, often floating in the middle of a regular cave


- Once Animania/AppleCore updates to be compatible, make hunger work in peaceful mode and tweak hunger values of various foods

- Revamped Roguelike Dungeon loot and appearance (fancy dungeons with chisel blocks)
- Add Loot Chest drops for mobs
- Change Water Filter loot pools, incorporating Geolosys ores and Pam's fish
- More magic mods will update, hopefully
- Villager trades incorporating new tools/armors
- Tweak loot for vanilla dungeons now that they are no longer hella rare
- Add a full Blood Magic questline

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