Revolver and Engineering toolbox crashing server #121

  • Crash
  • PheonixDisciple created this issue Dec 30, 2018


    Version Number:


    Issue: reloading the revolver or placing or opening the toolbox crashes the game/server


    Crashlog (If any): for when the revolver crashed the server :


    Steps to recreate (if any): shift right click with the revolver or right click with toolbox in hand

  • PheonixDisciple added a tag Crash Dec 30, 2018
  • GamingImperatrix posted a comment Jan 13, 2019

    I second this issue. I and my father were playing multiplayer and POP! down went our wee little LAN server. 

    Interestingly, we also could not claim the reward for the Engineer Toolbox quest. The toolbox we'd crafted didn't register as a toolbox! To test, we enabled cheats and gave ourselves a toolbox via the JEI, instead of making it by hand. We tried to claim the quessstt.... nope, didn't work. We tried to open the toolboooxxx... bam! Another crash. 

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