Roots Classic "Growth" Staff/Spell has no Effect #122

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  • GamingImperatrix created this issue Jan 13, 2019

    Version Number:, Multiplayer


    The Roots Staff for "Growth" doesn't function.


    Steps to recreate (if any):
    The Growth Staff from Roots Classic isn't doing anything. It's supposed to cause a small bone-mealing effect for each of it's charges. For your quick reference (since the exact staff isn't available in the JEI to just pluck out at a whim in creative mode) the process for getting this staff is to make petal dust at the mortar by putting in lilac, beetroot, wheat, and vines, and then a base ingredient which may or may not permit additional modifiers to be added to the mortar (I tested with both the old root, and the verdant sprig + glowstone). One then hits the mortar with the pestle, recieves the petal dust, puts the dust in the imbuer, and pops in a stick. 


    I brought the staff to my crop fields and.... nadda! Doesn't work on sane things like vanilla crops, Pam's Harvestcraft crops; it doesn't work on weird things like flowers or sugarcane or Pam's fruit trees or rustic herbs; it has no effect at all, neither about the player nor about the block the 'projectile' which comes from the end of the staff hits. I used all its charges and made several staffs and nadda, zilch, nothing. I went and checked some YouTube videos of the original Roots to  make sure I wasn't doing it wrong. I broke my plants and replanted them... I moved location... nothing!

    Another staff I made (from Roots as well) worked perfectly fine. 

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  • MacGuilo posted a comment Mar 4, 2019

    Same here, growth staff does nothing but everything else is jut fine.

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