Am i dumb? Why cant i mine diamonds? #127

  • wrinklz2 created this issue Feb 5, 2019

    I just recently started playing around with Magiculture 2 and am unable to mine diamonds. Am i missing something? What tool do i need for this. I cant find a wiki for help. Someone please tell me what minor thing i am overlooking so i can continue on with my life.


  • Skalfred posted a comment Feb 5, 2019

    What tool are you using? You need a minimum of iron pickaxe to harvest diamonds

  • wrinklz2 posted a comment Feb 5, 2019

    I am using iron. It will not break it. It just hits it and produces particles but will not break or even crack. Now i did make an iron prospectors pick, and that would break the diamond ore blocks but it wouldnt drop anything.

  • Skalfred posted a comment Feb 6, 2019

    The prospectors pick is use to find ores not mine them, Can you explain the particles a little? I'm unsure what you are seeing

  • Luke616 posted a comment Feb 27, 2019

    Have you levelled your mining enough to be able to use the iron pick?

  • Skalfred closed issue Mar 8, 2019
  • Skalfred posted a comment Mar 8, 2019

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