Crash with Sophisticated Wolves Dog Bowl #78

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Assigned to Luke616
  • Lethann created this issue Mar 17, 2018


    (Will also be reporting this to the mod tracker, not just here)


    Version Number:


    Issue: Clicking on the Dog Bowl GUI seeing if it's possible to extract food before breaking


    Crashlog (If any):


    Steps to recreate (if any):


    1) Open dog bowl GUI


    2) start clicking randomly over GUI, particularly over square box to the left.


    (Also, trying to use non-compatible food on bowl makes item disappear but not 'fill' the bowl. )


  • Luke616 self-assigned this issue Mar 18, 2018
  • Luke616 posted a comment Mar 18, 2018

    Linking to the issue you posted so I can get back to it easier

  • Luke616 added a tag Waiting on Mod Dev Mar 25, 2018

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