Blood Magic: Blood Altar and Alchemy Table #95

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Assigned to Skalfred
  • Xyggomous created this issue Mar 31, 2018

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    Issue: Can't upgrade the blood altar beyond the first tier and recipes for the alchemy table don't work.

  • Xyggomous added a tag Bug Mar 31, 2018
  • Skalfred self-assigned this issue Mar 31, 2018
  • Skalfred posted a comment Mar 31, 2018

    The first part of this problem with the altar I was unable to recreate the tier 2 formed for me after a few seconds. The mod dev stated that the mod was in alpha and they are rewriting the mod so certain things are breaking. Will close this issue when a update is out to fix this.

  • Luke616 added a tag Waiting on Mod Dev Apr 1, 2018
  • Xyggomous posted a comment Apr 1, 2018

    I think I realize now I was wrong about the blood altar. The divination sigil says it is the next tier. I was just confused because I thought the LP capacity was supposed to increase, too, but I guess not anymore?

    Edited Apr 1, 2018
  • ZacQuicksilver posted a comment Apr 4, 2018

    You need the right runes to make capacity increase. Runes of Capacity increase by a flat amount, Runes of Augmented Capacity increase it by a percentage.

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