Astral sorcery luminous crafting table recipe does not show up in JEI sometimes #98

Assigned to Luke616
  • Luke616 created this issue Apr 14, 2018

    pretty big problem with astral sorcery. As far as I can tell the intended path in this pack is to use one of the rock crystals in the generated temples to create a luminous crafting table (instead of crafting it). When you do this it doesn't unlock the next stage of knowledge in the astral tome and you are unable to progress with the mod (the trigger for unlocking the next stage is crafting the luminous table for which the recipe is disabled). The only way I was able to progress was to use the /astralsorcery command to manually unlock the next stage which allowed me to craft a lightwell.

    Reported by /u/valdevon on reddit

  • Luke616 self-assigned this issue Apr 14, 2018
  • Skalfred posted a comment Apr 14, 2018

    So first thing, you need a floating crystal to make a luminous crafting table, it doesn't turn the crafting table you use into a Luminous one. The recipe is not disabled it refuses to show up in JEI because of the crafting table needed it not a normal crafting table, but a starlight touched crafting table.

  • Cheezer3 posted a comment May 31, 2018

    I have had the issue that the luminous crafting table and resonant wand are impossible to craft despite being shined on by a floating crystal and exposed to the night sky. I saw online that seems to be an issue with 1.15 of astral sorcery

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