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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10





- Fixed crash when generating roguelike dungeons (apparently RD hates when your min and max item stack size are the same)




The Lost Update

Did most of the work of this update about a year and a half ago, but never got around to uploading it here. For a while we were callig it "Magiculture 2" (and since then we've had "Magiculture 3" and 4) but for the sake of having one modpack version per minecraft version, I'm going to push the update here.

- Luke616


Way too many changes to list, here are some highlights:


- Mods

     - Updated almost every mod that had an update since the last version (about 2 years ago)

     - Mods Removed: Railcraft, Chocolate Quest, Twilight Forest, Fastcraft (may be missing a few)

     - Mods Added: Attained Drops 2, Automagy, CustomOreGen, Electrobob's Wizardry, Ender Compass, Grappling Hook, Levels, Realistic Terrain Generation, Recurrent Complex, Iron Backpacks, Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning, Witchery Patch, Waystones


- Gameplay Changes:

     - New worldgen using realistic terrain generator and biomes o plenty

     - Overhauled and finely-tuned oregen to ensure that "rainbow caves" are less common

     - Overhauled tool mining-level progression and tweaked mining levels of all ores, now goes Wood > Stone > Copper > Bronze > Iron > Diamond > Steel > Mithril > Haderoth > Orichalcum > Adamantine > Tartarite. Happy mining!

     - Overhauled Roguelike Dungeons with new loot, dungeon types, and blocks

     - Added some custom recurrent complex dungeons

     - Custom mob spawning in every biome (GoG spawns should not feel oppressive)

     - Custom loot drops for most mobs

     - Custom Thaumcraft aspects for almost every item and mob

     - Changed recipes for many items (reliquary and ironchests to name two) to provide more uses for items such as metallurgy metals

     - Added recipes for magic mod items using materials from other magic-mod items (example: you can make ars magica essences using thaumcraft alchemy now). This should help players that like to branch out into multiple different magic mods at once.

     - Carefully tweaked extraTiC to make different metals feel more balanced but also unique

     - Added Levels, which should make non-tinkers weapons more fun and viable


Once again this update WILL break old saves, or at least erase a ton of your blocks and items. Hope you all enjoy!