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This modpack is my 4th modpack, but this modpack will be my first fully customised modpack, so far i have just made packs, made small tweaks and uploaded them for everyone to download, however this will now change with this new pack, as i try to create a modpack that changes things within the pack such as the recipes!


This pack is heavy on tech, its a tech pack! It will have gated avenues to what tech you can use, for example: To get to using EnderIO, i will probably make the pack be gated though Ex Nihilo (Mod not in the pack yet). After the tech of the game, there are also some other things within the pack that is useful too, such as Pam's Harvest, and AgriCraft.


Please Note: This pack is in early beta, i am just starting this pack so not every mod i want in there is in there yet, and i have currently not started editing the recipes, but i will soon!


Mods in this pack as of 12/15/2016:


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