Matter Overdrive 0.4.1-hotfix1 Edux rejects [1.7.10]


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    Jan 8, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Hotfix 1

  • Fixed G.M.O. quest crash
  • Fixed Google Analytics crashing on dedicated servers
  • Added Google Analytics to Quests


  • Matter Registry now uses Item Registry names instead of unlocalized names.
  • TConstruct integration
  • New tritanium tools
  • Fixed machine dismantling duplication
  • Android glitching can now be disabled in config
  • Weapon system overhaul
    • Damage balancing
    • New Screen effects
    • New Weapon attributes
    • Lag compensation for plasma bolts
    • Weapons now affected by player attack damage
    • New random legendary weapons dropped from Legendary rogue androids
  • New Molecular Inscriber machine
  • New Tritanium Crate storage
  • Added recipes for decorative blocks as well as new rotated versions
  • New tritanium armor with a custom model
  • New ranged rogue androids
    • Android can now use energy weapons
  • Level system for rogue androids
    • 3 tiers of rogue androids with scaling stats
    • Legendary rogue androids that drop random Legendary parts and weapons
  • New World Generation (from images)
    • Crash Space ship (anywhere)
    • Cargo Ship (anywhere in the sky)
    • Sand Pit (desert)
    • Underwater base (ocean)
    • Android house (anywhere)
  • Quests!
    • A new robust quest system
    • DataPad quest log
    • New dialog quests
    • Rewards and quest lines
  • Contract Market machine for side quest generation
  • Android now respawn with a fixed amount of battery
  • Improved Android HUD with more customizable options
  • New Weapons
    • Plasma Shotgun
    • Ion Sniper
  • New mutant scientist mob
  • Rogue androids can now have teams once spawned from Android spawners
    • Rogue android with different teams fight each other
  • Performance improvements for gravitational anomalies
  • New Android abilities
    • Android shield is now toggleable and has a cooldown
    • New shockwave ability
    • New Flash Cooling ability
  • More guide entries in the DataPad
  • More work done on the still WIP Starmap
  • Removed CofhLib dependency
  • Android Transformation is now a Quest
  • Memory and Network improvements (because of BTM)
  • Improved Matter Plasma pipes (still in beta)
  • New Random Legendary Android Parts
  • A whole ton on new Event added to API
  • Implemented Google Analytics for gathering anonymous statistical data (can be disabled).
  • New Scope Module

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