Max's Heroes Addonpack

Hey everyone !!!! 

I'm very excited to introduce you my addon for the awesome Speedster Heroes & Heroes Expansion mods. So, you kinda feel that suits are missing to both of this mods, don't you ? Well, then this pack is definitely for you !

Right now, this pack contains 40 suits & 6 new superpowers:


 -Radioactive Spider Venom (Spider-Man's Power)
-Hulk (Well i guess you know what this power does xD)
-Symbiote (Turns you into Venom, will be useful for crafts later)
-Bluestorm Energy (Bluestorm's powers)
-Firestorm Matrix (Firestorm's powers)
-Ancient Myth Spirit (Also used to be known as... Herobrine)


It adds 20 new speedster suits, such as:

-The Flash Reborn's Suit (CW)
-The Flash's Damaged Suit (CW)
-Jay Garrick's Suit (Hunter Zolomon) (CW)
-Jay Garrick's Suit (The Real Jay Garrick) (CW)
-Jesse Quick's Suit (CW)
-The Rival's Suit (CW)
-Blitzkrieg's Suit (CW Cartoon)
-Godspeed's Suit (Comics)
-Symbiote Flash's Suit (Custom)
-DarkSpeed's Suit (Custom)
-Golden Flash's Suit (Custom)
-Demon Speed's Suit (Custom)
-Iris West/Nora Allen (CW)
-Red Death (Comics) 
-Lightspeed (Custom)
-The Flash (DCEU) 
-Future Flash (Comics) 
-90's series Flash (90's series) 
-Chroma Savitar (Meme) 
-Ultimate Flash (Custom) 


It adds 20 new heroes suits, such as:

-The Arrow (CW, Season 3)
-The Atom (CW)
-Iron Man (Infinity War) (MCU)
-Batman (DCEU)
-Batman (Justice League) (DCEU)
-Spider-Man (Homecoming) (MCU)
-Iron Spider (Infinity War) (MCU)
-Symbiote Spider-Man (Custom) (Homecoming version)
-Symbiote/Black Spider-Man (Spider-Man 3)
-Venom (Movie 2018)
-Venom (Spider-Man 3)
-Ant-Man (Civil War) (MCU)
-John Constantine (CW)
-Captain America (Infinity War) (MCU)
-Loki (MCU)
-Vision (MCU)
-Supergirl (CW)
-Firestorm (CW)
-Bluestorm (Custom)
-Deadpool (Movie)

 All the custom suits have been imaginated and then created by myself ;)

Hope you will like it !


-Speedster Heroes mod:
-Heroes Expansion mod:
-Lucraft Core mod:

Of course reviews, article for local country, etc... about this addon is definitely allowed ! ;) 
(I mean seriously why would people forbide it if it promotes your stuff ?)

Though, If you intend to make an article about this mod, please use this page's link as the download link !

I also have a Discord server for my addonpack, click here to get to it !

How do I install it ?

Once you've installed (and launched) Speedster Heroes & Heroes Expansion mods, there should be a new folder called "addonpacks". Simply drag the ZIP file of my addonpack you've downloaded, and then, enjoy !

Speedster Suits to add:

-Speedforce (Custom) [UNAVAILABLE, UNSTARTED]
-The Flash (Season 5) [probably next update]

-Wally West Rebirth [probably next update]
-Golden Life [name is custom, but that's red death suit worn by barry and turns gold, probably in next update]

Super Heroes to add:

Out of ideas right now xD


-Lucraft: Many thanks to him for creating the Speedster Heroes mod and to have helped master the json files so that I could make this addon ! ^^

-Kill3rCreeper: Thanks to him too for using these following skins that makes my pack having great textures quality content: Spider-Man (Homecoming) ; Atom ; Iron Man.


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