MDXLib (Minecraft Development Library X) is a new Minecraft mod development library used by the ASX Minecraft Mod Development Team. This library is open source. 



  • Modern GUI Framework
  • On-Screen Notifications
  • Drag-able Pop-up Windows
  • Ore XRAY for server operators and developers
  • Improved Chunk borders
  • Advanced rendering functions and classes
  • Item Renderers
  • Model Animations
  • Wavefront Model Loader
  • Schematic Loader
  • Waveform graphics
  • Weather, Storm, and Climate providers for dimensions
  • Improved Dimension registration and management
  • Reflection shortcuts
  • Common Game resource constants
  • Block, Item, and Entity ID remapping modules
  • Functions for detecting host OS versions and system hardware models
  • Library classes for commonly used functions related to Worlds, Entities, Inventories, Items, Blocks, and more!
  • Fluid material physics and on screen overlays
  • Item Drop objects (Store your item drops as constants!)
  • Save and load custom NBTs in your own file locations!
  • And more...

Featured Mods Using MDX

  • AliensVsPredator
  • Starway (Unreleased)


  • Java 8
  • Minecraft Forge

Adding MDX To Gradle As A Dependency

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "aliensvspredator"
        url = ""

dependencies {
    compile "com.arisux:mdxlib:"



  • Do not package MDX with your mod.
  • Do not redistribute




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