ME^2 Material Energy Exponential

Why build a futuristic space station in the end? For cookies of course! You start off with a full AE system and various processing machines, but will quickly build much, much more! As your production grows you'll be tested on how efficiently you can automate and route massive amounts of items that you pull from an infinite void to make cookies as well as pizzas and clay! The more cookies you make, the better machines and processing you can build, which in turn leads into more cookies! 


This pack is meant to be super fast pace with no grind, yet provide challenges such as complex composite crafting for higher tier machines. Most OP piping is disabled, leaving you with a choice of BC pipes along with practical logistics. The early game grind is removed by providing generators and automated cobblestone production, and processing up to ores. Smashing stone and sifting gravel also gives an extremely higher change for ores. Automate building and copying your processing setup as you expand in an exponential fashion as you reach billions, trillions, up to quintillions of ingots with thousands of singularities queued up for auto-crafting. 

You spawn on the Material Energy Exponential, a full space station that is substantial enough to use even during the end game without need for expansion. The early game may be removed, and ore acquisition is buffed, however this does not upset the balance as the end goals are changed to challenges that require more than just mass amount of resources and they only limitation is how well you can build. This pack aims to remove the problem of acquiring ore, and create a new in depth system of logistics that will require you to build big!


Initial proof of concept alpha. 100% chance of extreme changes. This is for testing purposes. 


If you record a youtube series, or stream this pack and would like to give credit, please leave a link to my twitter, as that is where I post all my information for all my modpacks. Thank you!


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