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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 1.12.2-0.10.87-BETA

  • fix 3145 (#3185)

  • fix 3145

  • fix placement of air over entities

  • selective eating if not raw! (#3184)
  • Increase difficulty better based on barb difficulty (#3158)

Increase difficulty better based on barb difficulty * Use oredict for chest recipes (#3178) * Eat when saturation at 0 either way! (#3176) * Fix guard not taking home job * Fix fisherman draining food way too fast, he now decreases on using the fishing rod only (#3171) * Fix guards dumping inventory a lot more often than intended and makes them not drain food too fast. (#3169) * fix field size calc and fix mourn location crash without townhall (#3168) * Eating (#3157)

  • reset AI after eating only when going to the restaurant
  • Update structurize version
  • use newest version of structurize to fix issues
  • Add christmas special (#3153)
  • Separate keep items into keep in building and keep always. (#3152)

Separate keep items into keep in building and keep always (backend change) * Fix auto hire warning and pirate armour (#3151)

  • Fix auto hire message showing with no workers available

  • Fix 'leggins' spelling for Pirate Leggings

  • Fix swapped textures for pirate leggings and chests

  • Fix recipe and fix pirate gear (#3150)
  • Pirate ship fix (#3149)

fix pirate ship backup schematic coords ships now respect the needed water size * Feature/knights camp (#3144)

Adds a knights camp for knights training Adds correct rendering of bow/shield handling Adds nice chests for both the training camps (Archery and Combat Academy) * Some fixes (#3142)

Fixes crash with shape tool Fixes issues with build tool with custom scans in smp Improves mapping (does not work for all yet) * If null return true and clean up code * hotfix barracks messup * Sapling checking: excluding empty stacks (#3132) * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.12' into version/1.12 * Feature/#3119 adjustable dm priority for huts (#3128)

Added Manual Delivery Settings * fix recipes * upgrade structurize version * Fix/script (#3127)

Fix the gradle structurize inclusion * Feature/structurize (#2886)

This reworks the minecolonies - structure integration and extracts it into a separate mod which will be automatically delivered with the minecolonies jar. Important, please backup the world before updating since there will be no way to rollback after updating to this (will update all decorative blocks to be structurize and not minecolonies blocks) * Fix dynamic tress compat with newest DT version (#3122) * Feature/archery (#3118)

Adds an archery training building to the game This allows to train archers before employing them at the towers or barracks which makes them more resilent. * Outlining of building and stop harm on fail tp (#3113)

  • Outlining of building and stop harm on fail tp
  • fix pathing up half blocks and let drop down up to 3 blocks (#3114)

Stops workers from pathing up blocks they can't path up Allows workers to drop up to 3 blocks down.

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