Modern Skyblock 2


 Have you ever played skyblock and wanted more? Wanted to play it with mods? Or have you played so many Ex Nihilo based mod packs that you're tired from sifting and want a change? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Modern Skyblock is the mod pack for you! Unlike your traditional Ex Nihilo skyblock pack, this one is based around a mod called Sky Resources with a different and unique progression line. Instead of sifting for resources, you get them through alchemy and technology. You also practically have all the mods in the world to play with, but not all are available from the very beginning.

The 1.12 Version

It features 200+ mods, an FTB Utilities Guide currently consisting of 28 parts and 3 modes:

  • Kitchensink - does not have a progression line, nor changed recipes, but it does have the optional goal of making creative items, Suitable for the casual player that just wants to mess around
  • Normal - Has a somewhat tough progression line that has you progress through many different mods to reach your goal
  • Expert - Metals and some of the most basic things are much harder to obtain and require you to fully progress through some mods. Suitable for the most hardcore of players

Note: You can only manually change your mode in config>packmode.cfg>packMode=

The Progression Line

 The progression like in this pack is inspired by Project Ozone Kappa Mode and FTB Infinity Skyblock Expert mode, but it's not hard just for the sake of it being hard. Recipes are changed to test your modded Minecraft knowledge and make you learn mods that you may have never even seen before. At the beginning collecting resources will be a slow process, but as you progress, you'll soon be able to automate that and create endless resources. The progression line adds value to items that you usually take for granted, like for example: Buckets are late-mid game, meaning it'll take you quite a while to make them. To counter the difficulty and balance things out, there are a few minor changes that will help you progress faster, for example: Creepers don't damage blocks, you have an Ender Pouch in your inventory, you can change your hotbar row by pressing "X", you can't die in the void, you can pick up chests and most machines by shift+right-clicking on them with an empty hand,... There may be no quests with rewards, but progression is its own reward, as after you make something that's hard to make, you will be able to use it for many thing.


  • The Twitch App to download it
  • At least 4.5-5GB of RAM allocated to the pack.
  • A decent CPU.


 If you find any bugs or if your game crashes please post them on the pack's issue page. It really helps a lot.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or questions post them on the official pack thread. When it comes to progression related questions you don't have to always wait for a reply from me, be fair and if you know the answer answer someone else's question. The thread is not the place for issues though.


  • When trying to join the official server, I get: Could not determine owner for the override on...

-Join a singleplayer world and then join the server again.


  • How do you get Prosperity shards?

- In this pack, unlike many, they're a late-game item and can be gotten by mining the ore in the End.


  • What's the "GOG" island type?

-  It's the one that comes with the Botania: Garden of Glass mod. If you're unfamiliar with the mod, to start off, you Shift+Right-Click on Grass or Dirt to obtain Pebbles and you break the Living Roots hanging from to island to make Saplings. It's only available in the 1.11.2 version.


  • I get barely any FPS and I have a pretty good computer.

- Lower your Mipmap. It happens with certain processors.


  • How do I get Blazes?

-  Can either make a Netherrack platform in the Nether on which they'll spawn over time or transforming Squids into Blazes by using a Dark Matter Warper.

Official Server

The pack has its own server that you could easily join from the main menu. To join it, you need to install and additional mod:

Server Files

 If you want to make your own server to play with friends or followers, you can find a download for a server file on every update after version 1.7. If have a big community server, you should disable chunkloading in the "local" file.


 Join our Discord server and chat with others who play the pack. I also tend to drop hints about future updates there as well.

The 1.11.2 version

 It features 240+ mods, 400+ goals/achievements, 3 extra challenges and 100+ hours of play. The achievement book, together with the in-game Sky Resources guide and the guide books from many other mods, are there to guide you through the pack and the mods in it.


 Changes to recipes in the Rolling Machine don't show up in JEI in this version. Know that: The Bucket requires Tin, the Sturdy Casing and the Cart Hulls are made in the Rolling Machine with their regular recipes.


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