Modular Diversity

What is Modular Diversity?

Modular Diversity is an addon for Modular Machinery. It aims to increase compatibility with other mods and in general allow for more creative multiblock design and functionality.

Included Blocks

Pumpjack Hatch - a liquid input that takes liquids directly from Immersive Petroleum Liquid Reservoirs

Mana Input/Output - a Botania mana input/output.

Ember Input/Output - an Embers ember input/output. Comes in several buffer sizes.

Mechanical Input/Output - a BWM mechanical power input/output that accepts/gives power to BWM's mechanical power system. Both, wooden and steel power are supported.

Laser Hatch - an MJ input for Buildcraft's Laser.

What people say about this mod

"There are however a few genuine people out there, who make great mods and help raise up the community and bring the platform forward. Daedalus is not one of those. There is no point in arguing with him. I would suggest avoiding his mod." - LexManos


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