More Shears

More Shears works along side my other mods:


Tiny Progressions

More Paxels

Knob Control

Simple Upgrades


More Shears works side by side with BaseMetals, ImmersiveEngineering.


More Shears add the following types of shears to the game.



Wooden Shears

Flint Shears

Stone Shears

Golden Shears

Diamond Shears

Emerald Shears



Copper Shears

Silver Shears

Tin Shears

Lead Shears

Nickel Shears

Platinum Shears

Cold-Iron Shears

Mithril Shears

Star-Steel Shears

Steel Shears

Bronze Shears

Brass Shears

Electrum Shears

Invar Shears

Aquarium Shears

Adamantine Shears

Cupronickel Shears


Immersive Engineering

Aluminium Shears

Constantan Shears

Copper Shears

Electrum Shears

Lead Shears

Nickel Shears

Silver Shears

Steel Shears

Uranium Shears


All Shears Durability is set to match the Material used to craft the set of Shears. but can also be changed in the config file.


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Modpack policy:
you are free to include it in your modpack.


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