Michael18751's More Wool Mod 1.0.0 RELEASE Dimension Update!


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    Nov 7, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2




Tons of new wool added including: (Credits to Yekult10 For the wool textures!)


Creeper Wool


Crimson Wool


Diamond Wool


Evergreen Wool Gold Wool


Iron Wool


Midnight Wool


Mint Wool


Peach Wool


Red orange wool


Tan Wool


Teal wool


Wet grass wool


New wool flint and steel for the portal!


New Wool dimension!


(Place white wool blocks around to make a portal like the nether portal)

(Then light up the portal with the new flint and steel)


(I won't spoil any surprises!)


Shout out to my beta testers for helping me make mod updates!


This mod update and later will no longer delete all blocks in a world that is from this mod this bug is fixed now and new updates in the future will no longer do this.



Want a wool added? comment your idea or send me some textures! I will likely add it and credit you for it!