If you use a version above 1.20 and the game crashes whenever you launch it for the first time with this mod, just restart your game and it should work fine!

Version 1.7.2+ adds 35+ commands.

Version 1.12+ adds 50+ commands.


If you want to use this mod in your modpack, go ahead but I would like to know if you do!


Currently the best place to find me is my discord server.


Please view this page using my curseforge page for a better view.


This mod also allows you to sit on stairs.


All client sided commands (only in 1.7.2+, can be used on any server. I am not responsible if you use these in cheaty ways.):

/fullbright Makes your screen bright.

/spawncliententity <entity> Spawns an entity client-sided so only you can see it.

/ptime <day/night/6900> Sets your personal time.

/calc <equation> Calculates a math equation so you don't have to.

/setfov <fov> Sets your fov.

/setrenderdistance <distance> Sets your render distance.

/serverstatus Shows the server statuses of all mojang and minecraft servers.

/pastnames [player] Shows the past names of the given player, player defaults to you.

/urban <search term> Search something on urban dictionary.

/download <url> Downloads a file for you.

/copy <text> Copies text.

/crash [description] Crashes your game.

/fps Shows your fps.


Version 1.7.2+ adds the following commands:

/barrier Gives you a barrier.

/cleareffects Clears your effects.

/clearinv Clears your inventory.

/cmdblock Gives you a command block.

/consolecommand <command> Runs a command from the console.

/day Makes it day.

/easy Sets difficulty to easy.

/explode [power] Explode with set amount of power, defaults to 4.

/fly <on/off> [player] Enable flight mode.

/gm <gamemode> Sets your gamemode.

/gma Sets your gamemode to adventure mode.

/gmc Sets your gamemode to creative mode.

/gms Sets your gamemode to survival mode.

/gmsp Sets your gamemode to spectator mode.

/god <on/off> [player] Turns god mode on or off for you or someone else.

/hard Sets difficulty to hard.

/heal [player] Heal yourself or someone else.

/item <item> [amount] [player] Gives you a set amount of the item, defaults to 64.

/killall <entity> Kills all entities of the set type.

/kys Kills yourself.

/night Sets the time to night.

/nohunger You'll never be hungry anymore.

/norain Makes the sun shine.

/normal Sets difficulty to normal.

/peaceful Sets difficulty to peaceful.

/save Saves the worlds.

/setbuildlimit <limit> Sets the build limit, should be between 0 and 256.

/showtime Shows you the time.

/speed <number> Sets your movement and flight speed, should be between 0 and 10.

/sudo <player> <command> Force someone to use a command.

/top Teleports you to a safe place.

/break Breaks the block you're looking at.

/spawn Teleports you to spawn.

/wild Teleports you somewhere random.

/ping Tells you your latency with the server.

/hat Puts the item you're holding on your head.

/repair Repairs the item you're holding.

/rename <name> Renames the item you're holding, you can use color codes like &1, &2, &3, etc.

/optool Enchants the item you're holding with every enchantment of level 16348.

/time fix <value> Fixes the time to the set amount.

/enchant <player> <id> [level] Same as the normal command but now you can enchant any item with any enchantment of any level.

/fireball Shoots a fireball in the direction you're looking.

/whereami Shows your coordinates.

/whois <player> Get all of a player's information, including their ip, you hackerman.

/compareips <player1> <player2> Compares the ip addresses of 2 players to see if an account is an alt account of someone.

/narrate [message] Let the narrator narrate a message for you, just doing /narrate makes you able to let it narrate a whole novel. This command does not work on Minecraft versions below 1.12.

/tpchunk <x> <y> <z> Teleports you to a chunk.

/biometeleport <biome> Attempts to teleport you to the given biome.

/morecommandsinfo Shows info on your build of MoreCommands.


Older versions add:

/killall (Kills everbody)

/kys (Kills yourself)

/explode (Explodes yourself)

/gms (Shorter version of /gamemode 0)

/gmc (Shorter version of /gamemode 1)

/gma (Shorter version of /gamemode 2)

/gmsp (Shorter version of /gamemode 3)

/day (Shorter version of /time set day)

/night (Shorter version of /time set night)

/heal (Heals and feeds you)

/speed1 up until speed4 (Makes you go faster!)

/dodaylightcycle (Turns gamerule doDaylightCycle to true)

/nodaylightcycle (Turns gamerule doDaylightCycle to false)

/cleareffects (Clears all effects, needed when you want to from speed1 to speed2 or the other way around)

/dofire (Turns gamerule doFireTick to true)

/nofire (Turns gamerule doFireTick to false)

/nodeathmessages (Turns gamerule showDeathMessages to false)

/showdeathmessages (Turns gamerule showDeathMessages to true)

/domobgriefing (Turns gamerule doMobGriefing to true)

/nomobgriefing (Turns gamerule doMobGriefing to false)

/dokeepinventory (No one loses their items anymore when they die)

/nokeepinventory (No one will keep their item when they die)

/donaturalregen (You will regenerate automatically)

/nonaturalregen (You won't regen automatically anymore)

/norain (Rain will stop)

/rain (It will start raining)

/thunder (A thunderstorm will appear)

/wild (Randomly teleports you within 5000 blocks)

/killentities (Kills every entity except for players)

/zoom (Zooms in)

/zoomstop (Stops zooming in)

/fullbright (Gives you night vision)

/waterbreath (Gives you waterbreathing (idea by GulpinWizard))

/cmdblock (Gives you a command block)

/speed-0 up until /speed-4 (Makes you go slower)

/barrier (Gives you a barrier.)
/afk (Tells everyone you're afk.)
/noafk (Tells everyone you're no longer afk.)
/timenow (Tells you the time.)
/peaceful (Sets difficulty to peaceful.)
/easy (Sets difficulty to easy.)
/normal (Sets difficulty to normal.)
/hard (Sets difficulty to hard)
/exactspawn (Lets players spawn at the EXACT spawn coordinates, usefull for servers.)
/resetsr (Resets the spawnradius.)
/nohunger (You will never have hunger anymore!)
/nodamage (You will never get damage anymore!)
/killitems (Kills all the items!)
/ci (Clears your inventory even without cheats!)

/morecommands (Gives a link to the wiki for help)

/silence (Stops all sounds)


If you have any idea's to be added be sure to post them here and i will take a look at it as soon as possible!


How to install.

1. Go to and install the latest version forge.

2. Go to MoreCommands download and download the latest version of MoreCommands.

3. Go to %AppData% and then .minecraft.

4. Put the latest version of MoreCommands in the mods folder.

5. Start minecraft and enjoy!


Special thanks to

MCreator, what I used to make this mod! ~ until version 1.7.2.


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