MPBasic Tools 1.4.8 (1.12.2)


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    Mar 7, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Version 1.4.8

  • InfoPanel's on servers would open up randomly for players, when others logged in for the first time (If infopanel was set to trigger on first login). 

Version 1.4.7

  • Fixed issue with using the in-game editor not saving files in correct format. 

Version 1.4.6

  • Added new config options for the new onscreen notification system
  • New '/mpa reload' command to reload all the configs related to info-panels & onscreen notification
  • New config options to change background and border color on the onscreen notification
  • Textures have been fixed on Quick Commands a few updates ago.
  • Textures fixed on the mod pack version drop-down notification

Version 1.4.5

  • New Overlay hud item. On screen notifications
  • On screen notification is configurable via a json file in your mputils/addons/mpbasic folder.
  • New Command to trigger on screen Notifications "/mpa notify <player name> <notification id>"


Version 1.4.4

  • Fix issue with Crash on certain worlds (Believe it has to do with Fake players) 

Version  1.4.1


  • InfoPanels should be finalized. Check the pre-generated files in your config file. 
  • InfoPanels can be trigged on first world load.
  • If a 'must read' is set in your json file. It will create a small 10sec timer before they can close the window.
  • New Command was added '/mpa infopanel <player> <givebook / opengui> <json filename>' (Use tab autocomplete)
  • You can also give a player a book via the infopanel command or /give command and adding specific NBT data. 
  • Infopanels will give you a way to inform your users of certain aspects of the game. It can have multiple pages or you can have an infopanel for every occasion. 
  • Works on both servers and clients. But the config files have to be present on both ends for it to work. 


Version  1.3.4

  • Trial run of infopanels.. check configs for options..
  • Big update to change log.. if you got strange characters.. its because they were writing in one encoding and reading in another.
  • Please change your file encodings to UTF-8 with notpad++ in a drop down menu you can convert.. or just create a new file with utf-8 encoding. This will make sure all platforms see the same thing.