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   Issue Tracker


    The Issue tracker is used to help developers collect data about the users computer and allows users to fill out information on the bug/issue/or crash they had. It allows users to attach crashlogs to the report. Issue tracker and auto send data via the click of a button. Developers will need to have a site up that can collect the data via json POST. 




MPBasic Config Options:


     "Collect Emails" : adds an email field to the form Only if you send json data.

     "Crashlogs to Gist default": Sets the default setting for making a Gist from the Crashlog. 

     "Issue Tracker url": http of your IssueTracker. 

     "Use Automated issue tracker": This is an Advance Settings, The web address must accept Json data to be able to automate issue reporting. It is up to you how you accept the json data on the website. I may have an example but only use this if you know what your doing.

     "Use in game form": Use an in game form, If false the issue tracker button will just link to the tracker url. 



Use to add your mod packs information into the issue tracker. Make sure that MPUtils.cfg has MPInfo set to true. 


One example use of the automated issue tracker would be using google sheets and scripts to gather all the data.


Downside of Google Sheets is that you are limited to the amount of request per day and the size of the information. Check Google Scripts help files to find out how much.


If someone wants to write a PHP / MYSQL or other type of code to accept the post data I will feature it here. I currently just don't have to the time to. Eventually I will set up a github for this sort of thing. Even if you write anything to display the information into html I would love to show it here for ppl to see. 


Also I am currently working on a google scripts html template to display the data in your google sheets. Again it will be very basic, but gives you an idea on what you can do.  



Google Sheets Tutorial:


  1.  Go to Google Sheets 
  2.  Create new Sheet
  3.  Name your google Sheet in top left Your "pack name issue tracker"
  4. Click Tools > Script Editor
  5. Copy and Paste this "Issue Tracker Script" replace code in yours.
  6. Set the "SHEETNAME" to yours if you changed it.  Defaults to "Sheet1" normally.
  7. Go back to your SpreedSheet window
  8. Get your ID in the URL: . So 1qpyC0XzvTcKT6EISywvqESX3A0MwQoFDE8p-Bll4hps is the ID
  9. Go back to your Script window and add your Spreedsheet ID to the "SPREADSHEETID" 
  10. Click Save and name your Script Project what you like.
  11. Click Publish > Deploy as web app
  12. Set Project version "New"
  13. Set Execute the app as: Me
  14.  Set who has access to the app: Anyone, even anonymous (Your google sheet will stay private so only you can read the data.)
  15. Now click Deploy
  16. Copy the URL it gives you. and Add this URL to your MPBasic config for your Issue tracker url
  17. Now in Scripts window click select function dropdown > Select createHeaders
  18. Press the Play button 
  19. It will ask you to Authorize the script to access your google sheet.  Click Review > Allow
  20. Go back to your Google sheets and make sure Headers were created
  21. Now try to send an issue report from the ingame tracker. Make sure your MPBconfigs.cfg have the proper settings turned on.
  22. Optional: to better read the descriptions. On Spreedsheet window Select Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap







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