MPUtils Basic Tools/Change Log

Change Log


     The Change log / Whats new! can be used for what ever you need.  It doesn't have to be a change log just any type of data you would like to display. This is why the title is customizable in the settings.


     There are two important settings to look at. "File Address" and "isHttp". By Default the file address looks for the change log locally, Normally in "config/mputils/changlog.txt" Any local file has to be saved in "config/mputils/" folder to be read (technically). But if you set "isHttp" = true, Than now File Address can point to an URL. You must point to a ".txt" file formatted for "UTF-8" format. Which is normally the default formatting.


One Example would be using Google Docs to store your changelog. So any time you update your file it will update to everyone that views the change log  instantly. You Have to make sure you turn on your sharing options in the top right corner to allow anyone to view with link.


To use Google docs you will have to get your documents sharing URL located under the sharing button top left corner. Than you want to get the ".txt" format of the document like so:




The normal like is: ""

Than you add: "/export?format=txt"  to the end. That sets it to export the text document.