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      MPUtils is a base mod. Which contains functions used by all the MPUtlis' modules. MPUtils will contain most of the hidden Useful code & commands.  The modules' will contain mods that dont really fit to core functionality, and to allow pack developers / servers to pick and chose which modules they need.  Not everyone will need the same modules, and the ability to pick and choose your modules gives u more control.



Useful Commands:  (Commands are ClientSide only)

  1. *"/mputil hotbar" : This will list all items names & meta data for each item in your hotbar
  2. *"/mputil hand" : This will just give you  items name & meta data for your hand 
  3. *"/mpuitl inventory: This will just give you  items name & meta data for your entire inventory
  4. *"/mpuitl moddump: This will just give you  items name & meta data for your entire Mod
  5. "/mpuilt lookingAt" : This will give you name & meta data for a block your looking at. (Some times this will give you different information than hotbar command)
  6. **"/mputils RecipesDuplicates" : Searches for duplicate recipes and dumps into a file. This is in beta testing and may give false positives.

* Has "Optional Options" (ore, nbt, <>, setPretty, class, extendedClass, ) ore gives ore dictionary names,

  • nbt gives nbt data in json format
  • <> wraps the names in minetweakers format.  
  • ore give ore dictionary name
  • setPretty  Will make the clipboard copy pretty to read
  • class  give Classes of what you checking
  • extendedClass gives extended classes of what your checking


  • Options can be in any order and can have as many options selected as needed. 


  1. "/mputil hotbar ore <>"
  2. "/mputil hotbar nbt"
  3. "/mputil hotbar <> nbt ore"
  4. "/mputils (hand, hotbar, inventory) ||"

            "||" is a string format:

                   Example: "/mp hand |The cow jumped over the %s|" ->

                   copies to clipboard as "The cow jumped over the minecraft:item"

 ** Only above version 1.0.1


Useful Tools is the Quick Commands Menu. Default keybind is "." on Num Pad. This gives you the ability to have 10 custom commands saved for quick access. 


Added new "@t" argument to Quick Command commands to toggle (true, false) for commands that dont allow true false to toggle.







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