Mystic World

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Mystical World is the a mod designed to make your world a bit more mystical. This mod is light weight, adding only small features to really keep a magical, but vanilla++ vibe. Mods such as Roots 3 will require this mod as it adds necessary components for it to function (primarily, the mobs).


Currently, the mod adds:

  • Foxes! They spawn in forests, plains, and wintry areas! They drop their pelts, which can be crafted into leather. But why would you do that?
  • Beetles! They spawn in swamps, jungles, plains, and forests! They drop slimeballs, and occasionally their shells, which can be ground into blue dye!
  • Frogs! They spawn in swamps and jungles, and drop slimeballs, and hop around a lot!
  • Deer! They spawn all over the place, and drop mutton and leather!
  • Copper! Expect copper Tools and Armour soon.
  • Silver! Expect silver Tools and Armour soon.

There is plenty more planned for the future, including a few small mechanics to make your Minecraft world a bit more mystical. 


If you have any other questions, ask them in our discord here.

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