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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2


Release 1.5.0a (fixes issues with setting inferium mob drop chances to 0)


  • Soulstone changes:
    • It now generates in the nether (can be disabled/configured in the config)
    • Added 6 more decorative variants of Soulstone
    • Soulstone now drops Cobbled Soulstone unless broken with Silk Touch
    • Added some Half Slabs, Stairs, and Walls of some of the variants
  • Added Essence Shears
  • Added the Tinkering Table:
    • Used to add charms to Supremium Armor/Tools
    • Can be made of any of the essences (doesn't matter which one you use, they all do the same thing)
    • You can still remove charms in a crafting grid just fine
    • More uses to be added later (I think)
  • Finally added a recipe for the Strength 2 charm
  • Added nuggets for all the ingots
  • Changed all the Dye and Mystical Flower essence recipes to use nothing but essence for consistency and convenience 
  • Fixed the Supremium Hoe not having it's sneak ability
  • Fixed Biomes O' Plenty support