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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Note: This mod supports English(US), however some translations may be wrong. You can report the errors in the comment section below or write me on Twitter( and I will provide to fix the errors.


WARNING: I found a bug with the Mystical Zombie's Glowing effect with Optifine_1.12.2_HD_U_E3 with FAST RENDER = ON. It appears all white instead of having only the white border. The problem seems to be caused by Optifine, not by Mystical Mod.


Official Wiki:


Supported Languages: English(US) & Italian.


Can this mod be included in a Modpack?

- Yes, this mod can be included in a Public or Private Modpack, I will appreciate it :)


How can I stay updated with the development of the mod?

- You can follow me on Twitter:


Mystical Mod is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod that adds a few but powerful things, such as blocks, ores, items, armors and tools.

This mod adds:

- Mystical Ingot

- Mystical Fuel

- Mystical Block

- Mystical Sword

- Mystical Spade/Shovel

- Mystical Pickaxe

- Mystical Axe

- Mystical Hoe

- Mystical Helmet

- Mystical Chestplate

- Mystical Leggins

- Mystical Boots

- Mystical Ore

- Compactor

- Mystical Nugget

- Mystical Powder

- Mystical Lamp

- Steel Ingot

- Mystical Steel Ingot

- Mystical Steel Block

- Mystical Steel Helmet

- Mystical Steel Chestplate

- Mystical Steel Leggins

- Mystical Steel Boots

- Mystical Apple

- Mystical Bow



 - Added Mystical Zombie: it seems a normal Zombie, but it can drop Rotten Flesh and Mystical Ingots. The chances will increase with Looting enchantment.

It has the Glowing effect when spawns.

- Left click the Compactor with a stack of any ingredient to consume all the stack and receive the corresponding amount of items. A little bonus will apply when you use an entire stack of items.



- Improvements to Mystical Zombie: now, when died, he spawns an Iron Golem that fight the player and a little explosion (without break any block, but damages the entities) will spawn where it died.

- Increased the Mystical Armor and Mystical Steel Armor durability.

- Bug fixes.



In the future, I will add some biomes.


Give me a feedback in the comment section for now, i'm preparing a dedicated site.


A brief summary of how I thought the mod:

You can find the Mystical Ore underground, from level 16 to level 64 high. Once mined, it will give you 2 to 5 pieces of Mystical Powder. With a Compactor, transform three pieces of Mystical Powder into a Mystical Ingot that can be used to create tools and armor.
If you put an Iron Ingot in a furnace, it will give you a Steel Ingot.
To create a Mystical Steel Ingot, you must surround a Steel Ingot with eight pieces of Mystical Powder.

I'll let you discover the rest!


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