Namroc's Bag of Holding

As of 1.1.8 DeathChest has been removed.  If you had these in your world prior, please remove them before updating the mod.

This mod is a collection of ideas and some interesting utility stuff as well.  For the latest information and a full description of the items, blocks, etc please see the Wiki.

BFF is a super building tool that not only builds, but also allows swapping.  This tool is over powered by most standards, but for players that are looking for a friendly way to complete large builds, it is quite amazing.  Modes for the BFF can be found on the Wiki, but a few features are:

  • Saves selected block over mode change
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Small to large swap area
  • Creative mode support
  • Cool looking!

To log issues with the mod please use the issue tracker at this link.

Twitter:  @NamrocSmith