Nashorn Scripting Library

Nashorn Library


Library for providing the Java 8 Nashorn JavaScript script engine to Forge mods.


In order to develop with the mod, follow the process listed at


The Nashorn library is versioned with a standard pattern; this standard pattern will be:

  • 1.9.0-1.8.77-1.0.0

This has three parts, the first being the version of Minecraft the library has been built for; in this case, 1.9.0. The second part will be the library version, starting with the version of Java the contained Nashorn library was pulled from (1.8.77). The third and final part is the version of the mod itself, split into major, minor, and revision numbers. Only minor implementation details will be changed between revisions, non-breaking API changes between minor versions, and API changes between major versions.

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