Natural Fauna Mod: a ZAWA addon


A ZAWA addon that provides lots of new animals such as cheetahs, capercaillies, and gnus!

-- Natural Fauna 1.2.0 requires ZAWA 1.4.0 and Bookworm 1.0.0 --


This addon will no longer be seeing new features!

** Note from Mnesikos: Hello all! I'm sad to say I bring some bad news about the future of this mod. As of November 28th, this addon will no longer be seeing new, big features- such as new animals- due to it no longer having a team to keep up with it. However, I will be stepping in to keep it updated with ZAWA; making sure it works with ZAWA versions as they are released, and fix bugs where I can! (Expect a config file to come in the next release.) **


Discord server:


Team members:

 - Ikerleon02 - previous owner and head coder

 - Doctor Hyena - model and texture artist

 - Starcook le perroquet - model and texture artist, addon creator

 - Douillet - addon creator


Final Animal List:
- Puffin
- Cream-coloured courser
- Common avocet
- Spotted hyena
- Camel
- Cantabrian capercaillie
- Grey seal
- Grants gazelle
- Nautilus
- Puma
- Blue gnu
- Kori bustard
- Common ostrich
- European roe deer
- Xenopus frog
- African cheetah
- Bushbuck
- Violet turaco
- Red-crested turaco
- Great blue turaco
- Red-billed hornbill
- Red-billed tropicbird
- Saddlebill stork
- Estuary stingray
- Willow ptarmigan
- Peregrine falcon

- American paddlefish

- Southern ground hornbill


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