Natures Gift

Make yourself a Grass Dog!

Whats that?! Check it out!!!


Items in the Game:



Grass Dog

Seq's Scepter

Nature Infused Star

Nature Stick

Magical Nature Stick



Redstone Wire

Iron Blade


Moss(Used to make Mossy Cobble!)

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond Mossy Shield

Empty Mossy Shield

Pink Diamond Helmet

Pink Diamond ChestPlate

Pink Diamond Leggings

Pink Diamond Boots

Bartz Essence

Goo Essence

Life Core

Sky Gem

Sky Essence(Used to craft feathers and more!)

Heavy Branch(Can be made into Sticks and more! Break Leaves to get some!)

Nature Essence(Can be turned into seeds and more!)

Bartz Dagger

Bartz Wand

Grass Clippings

Nature Chips

Nature Infested Sword


Bartz Ingot

Mini Motor Blade





 This a small mod which I am constantly adding new things to, 

This is also my first mod!






Modpack Policy:


Just let me know what pack you plan to add it to! I would like to know :D



To Do:

Add More Minecraft Recipes![Always Adding More!]

Add More Items![DONE]

Add Armor[DONE]!

Add Tools[DONE]

Add More Weapons![DONE]

Add More Food![DONE]

Add Mobs![WIP]

Work on Altar, charges Nature's Gift wand, and Magical Nature Stick





Upcoming 0.7.1:

Added Config
Added Nature's Gift (Wand Shoots Projectile)
Added new model for Magical Nature Stick
Added a new Block (Very Expensive)
Added New Achievement(EndGame?) 

Added Particle path with armors

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Consol Spam
Fixed Moss Cobble Recipe giving one instead of eight
Fixed Achievement Descriptions




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