NEI Mystcraft Plugin

Adds some integration and crafting recipes for Mystcraft to NEI, as well as adds all pages and combinations of link effects to the item view.


This mod requires SpACore (HeldCore for MC 1.6, not required under MC 1.6), Mystcraft and Not Enough Items

Config Options
general:addAgeExplorer (default: true) - Should ages be explorable?
general:addAgeList (default: true) - Should there be a list of items in NEI?
general:addCreativeNotebooks (default: true) - Should creative notebooks be added to NEI?
general:addDecaySubTypes (default: true) - Should all decay types be visible in NEI?
general:addInkMixerRecipes (default: true) - Should ink mixer recipes be added to NEI?
general:addInkMixerTooltips (default: true) - Should there be tooltips for the Ink Mixer?
general:addItemRanges (default: true) - Should item ranges be added to NEI?
general:addLinkPanels (default: true) - Should link panels be added to NEI?
general:addLinkingBooks (default: true) - Should unlinked linking books be added to NEI?
general:addRecipesTooltips (default: true) - Should there be clickable regions to show all recipes in a crafting station?
general:addSymbolPages (default: true) - Should symbol pages be added to NEI?
general:addWritingDeskRecipes (default: true) - Should writing desk recipes be added to NEI?
general:addWritingDeskTooltips (default: true) - Should there be tooltips for the Writing Desk?
general:allowPageExploring (default: true) - Allow age pages to be explored?
general:allowSymbolExploring (default: true) - Allow age symbols to be explored?
general:hideTechnicalBlocks (default: true) - Should technical blocks be hidden?
general:opOnlyAgeList (default: true) - Only allow ops to see a list of ages in NEI?
general:opOnlyPageExploring (default: true) - Only allow ops to explore age pages?
general:opOnlySymbolExplorer (default: true) - Only allow ops to explore age symbols?
general:showRecipeForLinkbooks (default: true) - Should the recipe for linking books be added to NEI?



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