Nekoyoubi Texture Pack

I, like many others, wanted to make my own pack and all. So I did... well, sort of. It's a work in progress, but it's functional. ;Þ

  • I've basically given everything a "newer", smoother look. I've also added a bit of a pillow-like shading to the common blocks for creative construction purposes (i.e. makes counting them easier).

  • Diamonds are spectral across the board (blocks and items, both).

  • Wooden object are darker and richer - not just the wood block (trees, wood, ladders, chests, etc...).

  • There have also been minor changes by request that aren't really themed (e.g. reeds are now four instead of three, beds are purple-sheeted instead of red, etc..)

Most blocks have been replaced, but many more still need to get some love. Let me know if there are an that by not being replaced make the pack less desirable.

I didn't want to take away from the base feeling of the original textures, so a lot of items are untouched.

I haven't updated any mobs yet. I will be adding to this though, skinning more than just the blocks and a few items if anyone cares, but it's not my top focus so it just depends on feedback.


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